Poems About Sports

Poetry is such a beautiful and emotional thing. Poems about sports has always fascinated me endlessly. Each of these poems are about several different sports and paint such fabulous pictures, regardless of whether or not you like the sports, you can’t help but respect the poems. So without further ado, here are some of my favorites about sports.

1. A Boy Juggling A Soccer Ball

This poem has such gorgeous and descriptive imagery while describing this seemingly simplistic event. It’s just a boy juggling a soccer ball, nothing outrageously interesting, but the language used turns it into something much more respectable and fantastic.

2. Slam, Dunk, and Hook

I love this poem because it makes a game of pickup basketball about so much more than just that. It uses great descriptive language that captures the fun that can come from just playing a simple game of basketball with your best friends, while you go through events in your personal events at the same time. It makes me want to get my friends together and just play the game and make memories.

3. Fast Break

“A hook shot kisses the rim and hangs there, helplessly, but doesn’t drop,” I love this line because it really puts us in the shoes of somebody playing the game of basketball, in the present tense. We can feel all of the sights and sounds around the boy. Poetry is really a beautiful thing because it takes the most simple words and spins it into something more complicated and striking.
This is a very long poem and reads more like a story. But it holds up as a poem due to the structure. I love how the story flows in such a unique way that makes it all the more memorable. It’s filled with words, I typically enjoy poems that are much shorter than this one is. But something about this poem still makes it work and stick out in my mind as being one of the better sports poems.
Could I really talk about famous sports poem and leave this one off? It’s by far the most famous poem on the subject and it’s become a type of pop culture phenomenon. There’s an interesting cast of characters that fill the lines of this incredible poem. It also takes you through many different emotions. It’s odd how easily he’s able to get you emotionally invested and just caught up in the story. Basically, the question most fitting for me to ask is, who doesn’t love this one?

Welcome to April

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s already April. This year has flown by so quickly and now I’m nearly done with my freshman year of college. That is equally awesome and also very terrifying. I’m really excited about this month, even though I already mentioned that it may bore some of you to death. I’ve always been a big fan of sports. Like it or not, it’s a big part of our society as a whole and there are so many books, movies, TV shows, songs, and much more about the subject of sport.

I’ve chosen this month because sports are important to me. I’m like the least athletic person on the planet. However, I love sports because it’s something that I’ve always loved watching. The games of football, basketball, and baseball have always fascinated me. The lives of the athletes and how whatever game I’m watching is played in general has managed to fascinate me endlessly.

This month, I hope to tell you stories. Some of these stories about big sports scandals or profiles on hot shot athletes are things you know a lot about. My personal stories about growing up at the baseball field and having absolutely zero athletic ability are some things you won’t know. I hope my own personal spin on things will make the theme more interesting for everyone. Take care!

Call For Submissions

Hey lovely people!
Thank you for reading my blog. Whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, I hope you enjoy what I have to say here. My mission is simply to share my love and passion for pop culture, movies, music, and books with anyone who will read it. I’m looking for submissions for the month of March. The theme is going to be loss including: loss of loved one, pet, friends, self, and whatever else you can come up with! I decided to make this my theme because recently, my grandpa passed away. He was the nicest guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to have in my life at all. I’m going to continue missing him and I felt like I should write about this experience and share books, movies, and TV shows I love that explores the different kinds of loss. I want to hear your stories about loss because I’m just one person and so it’ll become repetitive if I keep sharing my own wrestle with loss. It would mean the world to me if you emailed your stories about loss. If you’d rather not send anything personal that’s okay, I’ll take any pop culture recommendations on the topic or whatever else you can come up with! There’s no particular guidelines or word count, just send me anything and everything. Send ideas or completed stories to geigergirl96@gmail.com
Thank you so much!

Why My Love For Pop Culture Will Never Change

The books, movies, music, TV, and sports that I like has changed tremendously over the years. I like to think that my personal tastes regarding pop culture has gotten a lot better, but I’m sure I’ll be saying the same exact thing when I look back in five years on the things I like now. While what I taste has changed, the fact that I love these things is the one constant. My love for pop culture and sports will never change.

The same could be said for many others as well. As some people get older, they find that they may not listen to music as much as they once did. Pop culture becomes less of a crutch for some people. I can’t predict the future, but I highly doubt that my love for pop culture will ever go away. It’s been something that I’ve been able to turn to when I didn’t really have anything or anyone else. People have let me down in the past and pop culture hasn’t. It might sound sad that I’ve found such happiness from pop culture since it’s not a tangible thing or a physical live friend, but it’s still a comfort for me.

Maybe I won’t depend on it as much as I did during high school. I’ve already been busier than I was back then. However, I can’t see that I’ll ever fully let go of that part of my life considering what a major role it’s played for me.

In short, a lot of things change in life. Friends change, people change, what we love changes, and who we are as a person changes on a daily basis. But my love for pop culture and the happiness that it’s provided for me is one thing I know won’t go away. It’s a faithful friend that I love learning more and more about.

Gilmore Girls Season 1 Recap

I’ve decided to do a new feature on my blog where I recap the shows that I’m watching. The main new/important thing about these recaps is that I’ll summarize the episode and then I will list the important characters in the episode and how they’ve grown or annoyed me in this episode. I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the first time. I just finished watching Season 1 and I have tons of thoughts and feelings that I wanted to share. It’s difficult to summarize 21 episodes so from now on, I’ll do my best to recap the most important episodes.

Summary: Lorelai is a single mom raising her 16 year old daughter in the town of Stars Hollow. Lorelai got pregnant when she was 16 and didn’t want to marry the man who got her pregnant so she ran off with her baby and hardly had much communication with her parents for 16 years. Rory implies that she has in fact met her grandparents before, but only on holidays. Lorelai manages the Inn in town and has hopes of starting her own with her friend Sookie, who runs the kitchen. Rory dreams of going to Harvard and applies for the prestigious private school Chilton. Rory gets in and Lorelai discovers that she won’t be allowed to attend the school unless she pays the expensive tuition fee. Lorelai doesn’t have enough money on the spot, so her only option is to turn to her parents that she’s promised herself not to go to for anything. Her parents agree to giving her the money as long as Lorelai and Rory have weekly family dinners with them.

Basically, the rest of the season is Lorelai and her troubles with her parents. Rory getting her first official boyfriend. Rory having troubles fitting in at her new school with Paris Geller, an overachiever just like Rory. Lorelai ends up dating Rory’s English teacher Andrew, hooks up with Rory’s father when he comes to town, and has some serious chemistry with Luke Danes who runs his own diner that Lorelai is a frequent customer to quench her coffee addiction.

Lorelai: Lorelai is an extremely quirky character. She makes tons of pop culture references every episode. Her attempt to ease the tension between her mother and her is always humorous. Lorelai is constantly making jokes that her mother simply doesn’t get. She’s also a lot more like the child than Rory is. Lorelai has to constantly be entertained and she’s very much a junk food addict and general extrovert. It’s entertaining to watch her banter with Luke and pretty much every other character on the show. Her lines are always catchy and one of a kind. Her commitment issues aren’t as bad at the end of the season so I think she’s already grown a little this first season.

Rory: Rory is a crazy smart 18 year old who brings a book with her everywhere she goes. She’s also well cultured thanks to her mother and her love for pop culture. Rory just has one close friend named Lane who she has to leave behind when she starts attending Chilton but they still stay close. She meets Dean, a new boy who notices that she’s always reading. They hit it off and start talking for awhile. Eventually, he gives her her first kiss in the middle of the supermarket aisle which is where he works. Rory is so socially awkward when it comes to Dean, like it’s seriously painful. He even breaks up with her because homegirl freezes when he tells her he loves her. Overall, Rory is a great girl who really starts to mature throughout this season.

Emily: She’s Lorelai’s rich and uptight mother that Lorelai ran away from as quickly as she could. Emily feels like Lorelai abandoned her and cut her off from her only granddaughter. She gets a little over excited whenever she starts to pay for her Chilton tuition and becomes a little bit over involved. But she has the best of intentions. Her banter with Lorelai is hilarious. This is just a brilliant character and I love her. I think she brings a lot of depth to the role besides just being the snobby rich old lady.

Richard: Lorelai’s father who hasn’t gotten over the fact that Lorelai left just yet. He loves Rory and enjoys spending time and they even bond together during the first season. Richard enjoys the fact that Rory is such an intellectual girl who can hold a conversation. He wanted the best for Lorelai’s future but since that didn’t happen, he still has that dream for Rory.

Sookie: Lorelai’s hilariously awkward best friend who’s always messing something up in the kitchen. She’s always there for Rory and Lorelai and she’s a comic relief. I really love how much her character grew from hardly being able to talk to guys to being in a relationship with Jackson.

Lane: Rory’s best friend who has a strict mother. Poor Lane has to even change out of her preppy clothes into a much preferred t-shirt for a rock band. Lane is just as cultured as Rory and can hold her own when it comes to music, books, TV shows. My favorite moment on the show is when she goes out with Dean’s friend and is attempting to hold a conversation with him. Her attempts at referencing pop culture was definitely extremely similar to all of my opinions about it.

Luke: The cynical guy who runs a diner and is always wearing a baseball cap backwards. Luke and Lorelai have some classic banter and it’s hilarious to watch. Luke is just a really great character who is definitely more complex and it’ll be exciting to watch this unravel throughout the series as we learn more about him.

Dean: Rory’s first real boyfriend. He’s very gorgeous and has awesome hair. He also appreciates Rory’s book knowledge which is a major positive sign in any boyfriend.

Paris: Smart girl who views Rory as serious competition from the first day Rory starts attending Chilton. The two girls have their ups and downs throughout the series. And we realize that Paris has issues with her rich mother and her father that cheated on her. She also is pining after a popular boy who simply dates her to get to Rory. Unfortunately for Rory, the season ends with Paris viewing Rory poorly. She’s jealous of Rory for catching the eye of the guy she’s liked since forever and vows to make her life miserable.