Advice If The Semester Isn’t Going Well

If you’re off to a rocky start this semester, you’re not alone. My college classes are a lot harder this semester as a whole. I think that the best approach if you’re already having issues, is to address the problem and then find ways to solve them. Here are some tips that have worked for me and other students in the past. Hopefully, you’ll find them helpful as well.

1. Make sure you’re organized

This is actually really funny coming from me since I’m ridiculously disorganized most of the time. I think I’m including it since I’m speaking from experience. I’ve found that being organized keeps you on your toes and you know what to expect. What I mean by organized is just having a system that works for you when it comes to what you keep your papers in. Do you put them in one binder or do you have notebooks and binders for every class? Buy more notebooks and folders if you need to, whatever you do, just make sure you have a way of knowing where everything is so you don’t lose important papers.

2. Have a system

Choose a system that works for you in terms of both scheduling out study time and the act of studying itself.

3. Take detailed notes

Taking detailed notes that you understand yourself when you look back on them is one important key to passing classes and tests. A lot of your notes will be a useful study guide. So making sure that you have solid information in those notes is necessary.

4. Make a study schedule

Make sure this schedule you make is realistic. Don’t set time aside on your calendar if you know you’re just going to ignore it in the end.

5. Study for tests in advance

Don’t wait until last minute to start studying. Professors usually give you at least a week or two in advance. Even if they don’t set a direct date, you can begin studying what notes you have and make note cards then add to them gradually.

One thought on “Advice If The Semester Isn’t Going Well

  1. I def. need these tips and advice for my last semester !

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