What’s That Tune: TV Theme Songs

This isn’t necessarily a countdown or a list in any order, but a rundown of the most famous and memorable theme songs. These vary from classic, nick cartoons, to recent. 


Even though it has no lyrics, it’s still memorable and goes along perfectly with the show. It’s a great introduction to Tommy and his pals. 


I never really liked this show but the theme song was my favorite. 

Hey Arnold!


As Told By Ginger

Macy Gray sang the theme song, enough said. 

Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Golden Girls

I’ve never watched the show and I really have no interest in it. However, I can’t help but love this classic theme song. 

The Brady Bunch

This is about as classic as they come.

Happy Days

It’s catchy and sums up the series in less than a minute. What could be better? 

Gilmore Girls

Even though I love Carole King, I didn’t know this song until it was on the show. It’s heartwarming, catchy, and memorable all at once. 

One Tree Hill

This is one of the few theme songs I know that have become popular after being featured in a series. Anytime I hear it, I automatically associate it with One Tree Hill. 

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

I’d definitely have to say this is one of the most recognized theme songs of all time. It’s basically a rule that you can’t trust anyone who doesn’t know every word to this song.

Saved By The Bell


One of my all time favorites partly because it was one of the first shows I ever watched and partly because it’s just so catchy.


I dare you to not get this stuck in your head. 

The OC 

California here we come, right back where we started from.

The Jefferson’s

I’ve heard this theme featured in both The Voice and American Idol. This only shows that it’s influenced various different generations which says a lot. 

Full House

I feel like every theme I’ve posted has been crazy sappy but I couldn’t just leave it off.

Punky Brewster

There are few shows that have such a heartwarming and corny theme song.

The Sopranos

Is there anything to say? It basically speaks for itself.

That’s So Raven

You can’t tell me this isn’t one of the most epic and memorable of all theme songs.
Lizzie McGuire


Young Emma Roberts starred in this Nickelodeon TV show. I loved this show and I also love how music is used throughout the series.
Degrassi: The Next Generation

The theme song changes a lot over the years but nothing beats this one.
Drake & Josh

It’s feel good and Drake Bell doesn’t have a terrible voice either.

Follows the same feel good theme of Drake and Josh but is awesome in it’s own right.