SR Trends Swimsuit Discount Guide!

Here is a helpful guide to affordable swimsuit wear from SR Trends. It comes at the perfect time as you go swimsuit shopping, keep all of these special tips in mind! Be sure to check out SR Trends for other helpful articles and discounts. They are the best at writing about extremely special deals for college students that some of us may not know about so be sure to check it out.

How To Dress Like Ariana Grande

Here is an article that I wrote for Teen Scene about how to dress like one of my big fashion icons Ariana Grande! I think the girl is straight up gorgeous. I love her hair and just her style in general. She always looks extremely classy and she knows how to accessorize. I could even update this more, let’s just talk about how fabulous she looked at the Grammy’s?! It’s crazy to see how far she’s come since her Broadway days! But anyway, here is a link to the article which I hope you enjoy reading!

Fashion Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Classy and iconic actress Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of a true fashion icon. She has inspired so many actresses, models, and just everyday people in general. Here are some of Aubrey’s most famous looks that I personally love and has influenced me to wear something similar. Everyone needs a little Aubrey Hepburn in their lives.

This is the traditional LBD that became Hepburn’s signature look. Although it’s still extremely popular, no one pulls it off quite like Aubrey. She’s not showing off her body, she’s just wearing a classy and beautiful dress that she clearly loves.

This is THE Audrey Hepburn classic look. After looking at this picture, it’s not hard to see why. The gloves plus her necklace and gorgeous bun and hair piece makes the outfit truly come together. This is a look that will continue to be continually recreated and remembered.

Not many people can rock sunglasses quite as well as Audrey can. Her bathing suit is totally chic and stunning. Plus her timeless pixie cut is showcased here so it’s obviously an important look that we shouldn’t forget about.

I could be wrong but there wasn’t a whole lot of actresses wearing pant suits like this back in the day. Most actresses wore only dresses that showed off their curves and other body parts. (I’m looking at you, Marilyn Monroe) There’s nothing wrong with that, but Hepburn brought something new to the table by making this minimal look such a classy looking one. She was skinny and lacked curves, but she was different from other movie stars at the time and we embrace her look and timeless beauty.

Online Shopping I Love

Online shopping is a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I expected it to be easy to navigate through all the online sites and what nots. Unfortunately, that turns out to not be the case. At least in my own experience, I find it hard to narrow out the options since there’s just so much to choose from. Here’s a few sites that have become my trusty companion for online shopping.

Urban Outfitters 

Need I say more? Urban Outfitters is one of the best options for online shopping. Yes, the clothes run a bit on the expensive side at times. But there’s just so many options and there’s more than just clothes offered there as well. They also have cool gifts, stationery, beauty products, cards, posters, and record players. They have everything one could possibly need.


This store is really rad and always seems to have some sort of sale happening. They have any and all clothes, accessories, etc. that you could possibly want. They have cute and affordable items. This is definitely an essential store for any college student or human on a budget!

Forever 21

They also have some really great deals happening all the time. My favorite types of sales are the buy one get one free ones or the free shipping ones! Forever 21 delivers on both of these deals. They have some awesome tees. It kind of bums me out that they don’t have any jeans but they have some classy pants to make up for it.


It’s not all that different from the other sites I’ve already listed, BUT GoJane is even cheaper than a lot of the other sites. They also have really useful coupons and codes to get some major discounts.

Urban OG

They have cute things. Need I say much more?


ASOS is located in the UK but they also happen to have a store here in America that has some great clothing to choose from.


Best Movie Makeovers

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? These are some of the best makeovers in film history as far as I’m concerned.

1. Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries

princess diaries

I remember as a kid, I genuinely thought that Mia (played by the stunning Anne Hathway) looked like that with her big curly hair. But then she got a makeover and then had the straight hair. That was pretty crazy of me to think but this was an incredible makeover.

2. Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality


Her transformation had everything: it was dramatic, fun, and stunning. The best part of it all was Gracie still having the same personality despite her physical transformation.

3. Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman

pretty woman

Vivian Ward went from being your average prostitute to a classy well dressed woman. This is a memorable and awesome transformation.

4. Tai Frasier from Clueless


Leading lady Cher did her best work on Tai, the new girl who was a tomboy that wore lots of plaid to a classy and stylish girl.

5. Laney Boggs from She’s All That

She's All That

Laney went from geek to chic in this teen chick flick.

6. Sandy Olsson from Grease


For most of the movie, Sandy is a modest good girl. At the end of the movie, she realizes that the only way she can keep Danny is if she changes her appearance. Regardless of her reasons to do it, the end results of the makeover are incredibly badass and rad.

7. Cady Heron from Mean Girls


Like Sandy, Cady is the new girl in town. Cady becomes influenced by the mean girls at her school and slowly transforms into one herself. Hey, at least the Plastics have awesome taste in fashion, lots of pink which I love.

8. Josie Gellar from Never Been Kissed


25-year-old Josie is forced to relive the horrors of her high school years when she goes back to write a story about high school. She was really geeky back in the day but she’s not the same woman she was then. Josie is now chic and has A LOT better taste in clothes, enough to get her first kiss on a baseball field anyway.

Band of the Month: Arctic Monkeys

From the beginning, the Arctic Monkeys make music with the roots of their hometown of Sheffield, England. Alex Turner, the lead singer has a heavy Sheffield accent along with his signature vocal tone. Nobody sounds like Alex Turner. The music is similar to many other groups but the distinct voice of Alex Turner can’t be replicated. The band started out as a small group that was simply just making some music together. After five hit albums, they have changed more and more with every release.

There’s been a lot of changes within the group since they first formed in 2003. They’ve changed both sound and lyrics with every album. For instance, the first album revolved around heavy indie rock underground vibes and the lyrics were dedicated to the London night life. The second album, “My Favourite Worst Nightmare” was a little less rock and party like, it had a few slower jams that were nostalgic. The third album was the frequently favorite among AM fans, “Humbug.” This album isn’t too different from the first two, just with some stronger lyrics and musical elements. “Suck It and See” was the bands fourth album. This album is the most upbeat and pop influenced album. The lyrics are lighthearted and fun and clearly meant for the summer.

The fifth album is a different animal entirely. “AM” is like a new side of the band entirely. This album is influenced upon mostly R&B and hip-hop but it also includes some pop side to it as well. The beats showcased throughout this album is catchier and edgier than anything else the band has released. Partly, it’s obvious this is the point in the bands career that they’ve started to make an effort to appeal to the masses. They have a large fan base now and they want to not only keep them happy, but get others on board with their music as well.

Beyond the music, the image side of the band has developed tremendously. Alex Turner started out as just an average looking guy with shaggy hair.


Please also note the clothes that all of the guys are wearing. All of them just looks like they are wearing clothing that any guy on the street wears. For the most part, this image helped them be viewed as the common man, someone to relate to.


Here’s the transformation that went down about the same time AM was released. Alex’s slick backed James Dean like hair is leading man material to say the least. They look like the same people except more polished and more like stars. They aren’t just four guys making music in a garage anymore, they are working in some of the biggest studios in the world and they have developed accordingly. These changes are what makes the Arctic Monkeys who they are.

Do’s and Don’ts For Changing Personal Style

One of the best things about fashion is when your style evolves. You’ll look back and be embarrassed by that hoodie you wore in the seventh grade with Hollister written in bold letters across the front. You had to face the embarrassment in order to develop a sense of style that you’re proud of. How you evolve and what direction you evolve in really depends on the person, it’s different for everyone. These are some tips of do’s and don’ts when it comes to your personal style.

Do: Experiment with different colors.

Don’t be boring, liven up your wardrobe with colors that you personally take a liking to. Don’t be afraid to try a variety of different colors. It’ll be nice to changing things up a bit.

Do: Take a lot of pictures

You want to remember the good and bad wardrobe outfit choices that you have. It’s important to document this as often as you possibly can.

Don’t: Brag to others about your clothes

The bragging often happens when you’re younger. I used to be like that in middle school. The big reason to keep in mind why this is a bad idea is because your clothes really isn’t as great as you think. You’ll realize that years later when you find the clothes and you wonder why anyone let you wear that terrible outfit. It’s best to just steer clear of the bragging thing altogether.

Don’t: Buy something just because it’s trendy

Trends change, don’t buy something that doesn’t match your style just because it’s what everyone else has. Sticking to your own style and wearing what you prefer instead of the latest trends helps with your self confidence.

Here are a few examples of how your personal style might evolve.


Take for example, the above hoodie from Aeropostale is cute and probably really warm. As an 18 year old, I’d no longer wear it because it looks like it’s meant for younger ages than my age.


In high school, I wore more things like this jacket from Delia’s. Delia’s is directed for teens but more older ages instead of middle school. Delia’s was the transition between Aeropostale and more mature stores.


Now this dress from Urban Outfitters is up to my speed. This now is comparable to my own personal style. My style has evolved from just wearing whatever everyone else was wearing to more classy fashion that works for me.

The Transformation of Taylor Swift

At the young age of 16, Taylor Swift released a country debut album that put her on the map. She sang relatable songs that she wrote herself based on relationships, friendships, and the everyday high school life. Her lyrics were honest, angry, and full of angst. Her image wasn’t as angsty- she dressed in cute and bright colors with her trademark curly blonde hair. She played the guitar and openly embraced who she was. She continued to release albums that spoke to teen girls going through similar problems. Her songs weren’t always catchy pop songs, though many such as, “Love Story” “You Belong With Me” and “Our Song” were. It was the more personal and acoustic songs that appealed to listeners, “Fifteen” “White Horse” “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops On My Guitar” told beautiful stories and were more country than anything else.

Taylor Swift began experimenting with other genres long before “1989.” “Teardrops On My Guitar” on the first album had its own pop single made just for radio. On her second album “Fearless,” “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” were the two pop hits. Her third album, “Speak Now” was filled with more and more pop radio friendly songs. “Mine” and “Back To December” were two of the songs that was played on pop radio. Her other single “Mean” echoed with more of a country vibe than a pop one. “Red” was filled with more mature lyrics and even more pop songs which led to her first fully pop album, “1989.”

I’ve talked a lot about the change within her music, but her image and fashion in general has also evolved rather dramatically. One of the most notable being her view about feminism. This article

T Swift


Here are two early Swift classy and modest fashion choices. Both also feature her signature curly hair.


This one isn’t all that different from the first two. It was taken in 2010 during her Speak Now tour. I love her cowboy boots.


Two years after her Speak Now tour, Swift transformed while on her Red tour. This was the first time she ditched the curls and she’s embraced straight hair. Besides the obvious red lipstick and pretty much everything red, Swift also frequently wore high waist shorts. She also rocked the Stevie Nicks hat.


Here’s Swift earlier this year with her chic hair, the usual red lipstick, and classy vintage outfit.

Taylor Swift goes to florists and pottery shops in New York City

I love this outfit because of the vintage hair. I’m also obsessed with her hair piece. She also looks stunning in this dress and her purse is simple yet brings her outfit together.


This is my favorite Swift outfit- besides the weird trimming on the mint outfit. The trimming feels out of place. But I do believe that this is a classy outfit that works for her. It’s vintage and the bangs always work for T Swift.

I think that these pictures give some idea as to the change that has happened with Taylor. People give her a lot of flack for changing her music, lyrics, and her image in general but people need to realize that she’s 25 years old. Since she is that age, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be writing songs meant for a younger audience. She has respect for her young fans but she’s also changing so why not represent that in her music?



Spotlight On: Lindsay Weir

Spotlight On is a monthly featureish thing that I’m starting this month where I take a look at one particular character and explore how they go with the theme. This character is always going to be fictional and from books, movies, or TV shows. This month focuses on Lindsay Weir from the cult classic 90’s teen drama Freaks and Geeks.


Although the series didn’t air until the ’90’s, it takes place in the 1980’s. The main character Lindsay starts out the series as a smart good girl who’s a member of the mathletes. After the death of her grandma, she begins to question everything. She begins to drift away from her childhood best friend Millie. She begins hanging out with the freaks at her high school after being invited by bad boy Daniel Desario. Throughout the series, Lindsay frequently struggles with becoming a freak and doing things that aren’t typical of her.

Lindsay is a classic example of what happens to high schoolers. Everyone in high school is trying to discover who they are. Teens are evolving and experimenting, some of which are more dramatic than others. Lindsay happens to be one that goes through dramatic changes as she gets closer to the likes of Daniel, Kim Kelly, Nick, and the other members of the gang. Throwing parties, vandalism, marijuana, bars, detention, and many other adventures that Lindsay takes part in. She begins a relationship with Nick, a guy who desperately wants to become a drummer but knows in his heart that he’s not good enough to be a serious professional.

Despite all of her change, Lindsay is still the same deep down. Sure, she’s changed what’s important to her but she still knows who she is, that’s one thing that never changes. She grows more confident and sure of herself during the season. Her change may not be permanent, but it’s one that she is content with. She enters a rebellion period but her fashion definitely evolves for the better. The army jacket she stole from her dads closet becomes her trademark that she wears all the time. Lindsay Weir is a character that most represents change which is fitting for my monthly theme.

Tentative Guide to Dressing Edgy

Dressing on the edgy side and experimenting with new looks is everything to me. Fashion should be about trying new styles and not being afraid to find what trends suit you. The number one thing isn’t to have all of the super cool items that everyone else has. The number one thing is to dress like yourself and discover what that means along the way. Every person has their own personal style. Mine just happens to be on the edgy side. But sometimes I also like to dress preppy. I think this experiments with both preppy and edgy. Hope you like it!