Thoughts On Homeschooling

When I was younger, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t be homeschooled. Both my parents work full time so there was basically no other option for schooling. Now, most of the homeschoolers are taught online and don’t even need an instructor supervising since they have an online teacher. This is really interesting to me and it has many pros and cons to it. I’ve decided to explore those here and see what you guys think about it!

This is a pro for the student: getting to sleep in and not having to get ready or even move to go anywhere. You can do everything right where you are and you don’t always have a schedule or at least you can pick your own schedule.

Being able to do things at your own pace.

Not having that loud classroom atmosphere.

You can also be ahead other students- this goes hand in hand for doing things at your own pace. But for the previous one, I mostly meant that for those who may struggle with finishing assignments quickly. This one has to do with those who are ridiculously ahead and don’t want to be held behind.

Many teachers just teach things you already know and you don’t have to deal with listening to that.

Limited interaction- you don’t get to be around people your age or even experience teachers. It can be pretty lonely.

Sheltered- Being sheltered isn’t always a bad thing but it can be a rude awakening when you enter the world without ever having any experience that those in public school have.

Having someone to help and ask questions to- Yes, you have an online teacher. But that isn’t exactly the same thing. It feels different when you get the chance to actually be around the teacher and you get to work one on one. It has a more personal feel than just asking questions online and asking. If you have a parent who’s homeschooling you, it can get boring to just interact with your mom or dad all day. And what happens if they don’t have an answer to your question? That’s not to say public school teachers are always going to know the answer, but at least you get to have the experience to be around everyone.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love can be a tricky thing. The biggest reason this is such a problem is because love in general can be hard to define. When do you know whether or not love is bound to last? Sometimes love changes for reasons we don’t quite understand. That’s part of life, but there is such a thing as unconditional love. No matter what you say or do, these select people are going to love and support you no matter what.

The best example I can think of is the love a parent has for their children. I know for me, no matter what anyone tells my parents about whatever awful things I’ve said or done, my parents would still love me the same. This is what unconditional love is, it’s everlasting and yes, that’s an exceedingly rare type of love but it still exists. I consider myself lucky to have this type of love in my life. What I’ve experienced firsthand based on my own parents is that the love a parent has for their child is unexplainable. They created you, brought you into this world, and so they think very highly of you. But above all, they just want the best for you. I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am and that saddens me. I think everyone should experience this type of love.

Another way to experience is with your partner. I know a lot of relationships that you feel may be lasting just turn out to be temporary. However, I still personally believe that unconditional love can last between our partners. Maybe it can even last in what we feel for our siblings or simply our closest friends. Loving someone forever no matter what happens between you seems impossible at times. But I don’t believe that it is impossible, I think we can all feel that way if we let ourselves.

I Just Want My Mommy

All of our lives, we desperately dream about the day we get to move out of our parents house. We feel so trapped when we’re young and feel as if we’ll be there for the rest of our lives. Somehow, we make it out, and as soon as that happens, we want back in. Being on your own is very seldom glamorous. Of course, don’t take my word for it since I’ve lived with my parents all of my 18 years here on Earth. I’ve dreamed of gaining that independency and moving out with few visits back home. Thing haven’t gone according to plan in that regard for several different boring reasons that really aren’t relevant. I know a little bit about this through my older brother, who always dreamed of being on his own but now he just finds it lonely.

How do we get past the loneliness of our newfound independency and into the awesome part? A major factor is time and adjusting to the new place that you’re living in. My brother moved about six hours away from us and down to North Carolina versus our hometown. My brother didn’t know anyone and found an apartment just a few weeks before he moved down there for law school. He lives in his apartment alone and living alone is my brothers worst nightmare. While I prefer the quiet, my brother desires the company of at least one or two people, often his whole group of friends.

Living on your own is difficult especially when you’ve lived with your parents your whole life. It can be hard to just wake up in a new place and find a new routine where you had your safe and consistent routine at the house or houses you grew up in. I think that everyone living by themselves, especially an extremely long ways from home is bound to feel intense loneliness. It’s bound to pass once you become accustomed, possibly even enjoy having a space where you can just enjoy yourself and have alone time. You’ll set your own routine and the loneliness that seemed like it would never disappear, simply evaporated one day. It becomes less of a big deal. Embrace your independence. Your mom may not be there with you to hold your hand but you’re strong enough to face the world head on and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.