Turn Up The Albums

I’m going to make a complete playlist sometime soon but here’s some of my favorite albums to just turn up all the way and dance around to. You can listen while driving around with your friends or just listening by yourself! Whatever you choose to do, these are the albums you should do it to.

Charli XCX- Sucker

This album is best listened to while taking a road trip with your best friends or dancing around your room with your friends. It’s best to listen to this while surrounded by people you care about because it’s just so much more fun that way. “Break The Rules” is the fun and danceable skipping class anthem you can’t help but love. Charli XCX just puts out hit after hit and there’s not a skippable song on this album!

Ariana Grande- My Everything

This album put out by former Broadway star and vocal powerhouse Ariana Grande doesn’t disappoint. Not all of these songs are upbeat, some are gorgeous ballads that really showcase her voice. The sound here reminds us of a throwback to the 90’s. She has a vintage style to her but it never gets old. The highlight songs are definitely “Problem” and “Bang Bang.” These are also the biggest and most pop sounding songs but it can be fun to just let all your problems go and dance to pop music.

One Direction- Midnight Memories

I know, I know you guys probably think I’ve lost my mind by putting this on the list. However, I can’t resist these five British (And one Irish) boys. This isn’t there most recent album, Four is but I prefer Midnight Memories. Largely due to the fact that this album is filled with songs that you can just sing to the top of your lungs. Four doesn’t really have any of those type of songs. The title track of Midnight Memories is a fun song to listen with at a sleepover with your best friend while you just talk and reflect on all the good times. “Happily” and “Best Song Ever” are two more songs that I can’t help but love. As is “Little Black Dress” and “Diana.” I’m also a big fan of the song “Alive,” which is on the deluxe edition of the album. Whether just the name of the band makes you cringe or swoon, this is a great album to jam to.

Haim- Days Are Gone

Talk about sister power, these three sisters are the coolest. They are frequently compared to the ’70s classic rock band Fleetwood Mac. However, I think they’ve created their own sound for this new generation. Every song is filled with awesome catchy lyrics and the music is just unbelievably amazing. It’s pretty much impossible not to be charmed by the song “The Wire,” or for that matter, any song by the trio. The album is stacked with track after track of songs that you’re bound to love and share with others.

Vampire Weekend- Modern Vampires of the City

Vampire Weekend is a small town indie band that reached an unpredictable amount of success. Lead singer Ezra Koenig and company has a unique sound that sets them apart. “Ya Hey” is definitely one of my favorite tracks off of the album, but “Diane Young” is at a close second. Part of the bands charm is that they don’t release ballad after ballad, instead they have lots of songs with funky and cool beats. How can you not love them?


Now and Then

Now and Then

As a kid, I remember watching the movie Now and Then. There’s one scene in particular that I remember clearly. It’s the one where two of the young girls have to get a bracelet that one of them dropped out of the sewer. That scene has always stayed with me for reasons I don’t really know. I remember other aspects of the movie like when the girls summon spirits at the cemetery. I also remember that one of the girls lost her mother and was still grieving over it. I watched the movie for the first time since I was a kid recently and it wasn’t the way I remembered it.

That’s the funny thing about time, sometimes things aren’t how we remembered them to be. Rewatching the movie made me question why I ever liked it in the first place. The movie doesn’t have a well developed plot. I get the sentiment of the movie but it’s rather pointless to have the girls as grownups at all. Much of the movie focuses on them as younger girls and so it doesn’t make sense why they don’t have balance between them as kids and adults. There’s really only two scenes with them in it and all plus Demi Moore narrating some of the movie.

The movie has some positive qualities that I didn’t recognize when I was younger. For example, I never really noticed the music besides the song My Girl since I’d heard that song other places. Now that I’m older, I love pretty much all of the songs. I loved the scene where one of the girls is an adult and singing I’ll Be There as she gets ready. It also fits considering the girls sang along to all of the songs they played when they were younger. I think it was overly cheesy that they recreated several things the four did when they were younger. They could’ve just did the Red Rover scene but instead they also included going back to the treehouse and playing truth or dare.

I think it’s strange how different things can be to us when we’re older. We see things from a new point of view that we hadn’t developed when we were younger. Now, I observe more than I once did. I notice things that go on and am a lot more critical of things. I think I see this movie through a new pair of eyes because I hold higher standards in regard to movies. I’m a bit of a snob and so I found a lot of flaws when I watched this movie again. I think it can be good to have a new point of view and to see things differently than you used to.

Drifting Away From Friends and Lovers

I don’t have that much advice for people who are dealing with drifting apart from friends and significant others. It’s something that really sucks because sometimes you can feel it happening but you can’t control it. You can’t stop yourself or them from changing, it just happens sometimes which can be difficult to understand and accept. The truth is, we just have to deal with it the best way we can. I know that’s vague and pretty awful advice but it’s the best I can come up with for the most part. I think it just varies person to person and also depending on how you deal and accept things in your life. If your more of the quiet friend who goes along with everything, it can be hard to recover once that happens with someone you’re close with.

As cliché as it may be, you’ll find other friends and lovers in your life. Once one leaves, another one is sure to come along somewhere down the line. I think it’s best to let yourself get over it and not jump into something right after. Obviously, this only applies in terms of relationships, but don’t form friendships just to spite the friend that you lost. Everything in life is a process and it’s up to us how to go about things, how long it should take to recover, etc. These are rather basic tips for you but I think it can be nice to be reminded. Sometimes I also get caught up in everything going on that I don’t stop and think about these things when something like that happens to me.

I think that we can all can feel when we start to drift away from people we care about. If it’s a friend, they won’t just text you and ask to hangout, they might seem distant or uninterested when you hangout, and some other smaller signs. In a relationship, the signs are pretty much along the same lines: they don’t text you as much, seem distant, uninterested, and it seems like they just don’t like spending time with you like they used to. Additionally: they are no longer sending you sweet text messages or calling you baby or whatever else they normally do. If this starts to happen I don’t think you should freak out. Yes, it’s an upsetting scenario but it’s also something that just happens. I know I’ve repeated this a lot but there’s really no other way to phrase it. I think it is what it is and we just have to roll with the punches and accept the way things turn out.

What It Means To Lose A Friend


The worst day was something that happened relatively early on in my life. It was a beautiful 9 years filled with little stress and many carefree childhood activities. I met my best friend at our babysitter’s house when I was 3 and she was 2. Sarah was adopted from China and was unfamiliar with life in America when she first arrived. I was on outgoing toddler not afraid to introduce myself to the only other child at my babysitter’s house that year. “Hi I’m Rachel, we should be friends.” was all it took and then after sharing toys, Sarah and I became best friends. 

Unfortunately, I went to preschool a year earlier than Sarah. For elementary school, we both went to different schools. Our moms knew how close our bond was and we took gymnastics, dance, and theatre lessons together. Throughout the years, Sarah was still my best friend. We made our school friends but we were sisters. Our bond consisted of tree climbing, singing, and letting our imaginations run wild. It was such an inseparable due to the innocence, freedom, and how drama free it was. 

Sarah was a free spirit who was a healthy reminder of what childhood meant. Childhood meant not being burdened by the problems that plagued our parents. It meant watching Dragon Tales together and singing and dancing along to every episode. It meant being creative as we played with our favorite dolls. One seemingly normal morning, this childhood was abruptly ended. It was 9:30 on a school day and both of my working parents were home. I was 9 years old and was confused by the odd turn of events but my parents were holding themselves together. Easing me gradually into the situation, my parents sat me down on the couch and told me that my best friend had died.

My first reaction to the news was that they were lying. How else would that explain a healthy 8 year old girl being stripped away of her life? Sarah had strep throat, a seemingly normal sickness for any child to get but this particular case went to Sarah’s blood stream and killed her.

Sarah was the reason I got into theatre. She was more outgoing and expressive than I was. I was hesitant to get involved into a theatre camp but I mostly just wanted to spend time with Sarah. I ended up getting a lead in our community theatre production. Sarah hadn’t auditioned for any community plays yet but she was more excited about my role than I was. It was tech week the day she died. The day of her funeral was a press event for the play.

I didn’t know what to do when I saw my best friend looking peaceful in a coffin at her visitation. Her mother pulled me aside and told me not to remember Sarah as she was right now. Her mom wanted me to remember her as my best friend. The one who played, swam, and loved the everyday mundane situations in life.

It will be ten years this November since Sarah has been gone. The grief I feel for the life she didn’t get the opportunity to live is still there. The only difference between these 9 and a half years is that I’ve learned to live my life. I still miss her and what it meant to have a completely innocent and playful friendship. However, I know that when I reflect on my childhood Sarah will be the fondest memory of all. Any basic activity I enjoyed at the time was amplified by having this lively girl by my side.

This was the worst day of my life. Yes, there have been many and will be many more that are just as unbearable. This day in particular was the training ground and prepared me for how random and unexpected life can be. I learned that we can’t take anything for granted. I have no clue why Sarah had to die yet I lived. I also know that thinking too deeply about these things is useless. I’ve been given this life and I know that Sarah would want me to live it. It’s the least I can do for the brown eyed girl with the shiny and sleek black hair that changed my life.