Evolving Protagonists

One of the best things about TV shows with around two or more seasons is the opportunity for these characters to grow. We then can’t help but compare who the character was at the beginning to the person they ended up becoming. Here are just a few examples that stand out to me.

1. Piper Chapman from “Orange Is The New Black”


To be fair, there’s only been two seasons of OITNB so it might be hard to say this. But within these two seasons, the evolution of Piper has been nearly impossible to deny. She entered the prison as a scared and smart good girl who was certain that she didn’t belong there. Now, she has stopped whining around and started playing the game. She does what she has to in terms of getting by and she has finally started finding her way around. She’s turned into a hard and kind of ruthless person but she knows that her current attitude is more suitable for the prison than her old one was.

2. Miranda Hobbes, “Sex And The City”


I pretty much already said this in the last post I did dedicated to this show. But I felt like it was completely necessary to include her on here. Miranda went from being a girl that was convinced she’d never find love in the city to a mother with a loving husband. Even her getting married was hilarious because she refused to have anything over the top. It took her a long time to figure out her love for Steve but the important thing is that she eventually accepted it and ended up having a beautiful life. (After Steve cheated on her and they went through marriage counseling but I try to ignore that ever happened)

3. Rory Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls”


This is another character I’m sure people are sick of me talking about. Rory grew from a quiet introverted girl into a strong, independent, and self-assured woman. I’m sure a lot of this is because of the way her mother raised her but she found her voice and quickly learned how to use it. In the end, she chose a career over getting married to Logan which is an extremely mature decision in itself. It can be rather safe to go and marry your longtime boyfriend but Rory decided to go after becoming a journalist – something she always wanted.

4. Brooke Davis from “One Tree Hill”


Brooke started out the series as that girl that was the random outsider that didn’t belong in terms of the Luke and Peyton love triangle. There was too many seasons dedicated to Peyton and Brooke, who were best friends, fighting over Luke. Towards the end of high school, Brooke and Lucas finally ended for good due to his love for Peyton and the girls made peace. After the four year jump, Brooke was a rich girl with a successful clothing company. Brooke also found love and ended up having twin boys and a happy life. She evolved tremendously, starting out as a cheerleader that couldn’t exactly find her footing to a mature and successful woman.

5. Meredith Grey from “Grey’s Anatomy”


In the beginning, Meredith was known for her mommy issues and fear of commitment. She had one night stands due to lack of time and fear of committing until she had what was supposed to be a one night stand with Derek Shepard. There was tons of drama preventing the two from being together but they finally did. They got married and ending up having a family together. Although it’s not certain how the relationship will end, she still changed her ways completely.

Best Boyfriends – Gilmore Girls Edition

So I’ve decided to take the best boyfriends/girlfriends on some of my favorite shows. Mostly, I plan on it being an ensemble cast where I talk about the character they ended up with and whether that was a right decision or not. Hopefully it’ll play out better than it currently sounds. But with one of my favorite shows Gilmore Girls, it was hard to highlight the whole cast. There’s a lot of great characters and I feel like the majority end up with the people you thought all along. I was always most interested in the boyfriends of Rory Gilmore. She had three serious relationships with three very attractive males. The order I’ve listed them is just chronologically, but I will discuss which she should’ve ended up with.

Dean Forrester


Dean was Rory’s first boyfriend on the show. He was the kid with nice hair who had just moved from Chicago to the school Rory left shortly after the series began. Dean watched Rory read day after day and they eventually ended up getting closer. They shared their first kiss in the market where he worked. Dean was a sweet character but he eventually annoyed me. He was loyal to Rory but they were extremely on and off throughout the series. Stuff always got in the way of their relationship, as it often does but this was serious unforgivable stuff. Not to mention, Rory lost her virginity to Dean while he was still married. I’d say by the time that went down on the show, it was obvious it was time for Dean to get lost. He was a character that should’ve only been around until season 3. That’s the storyline he should be remembered for, not the way he ended up which was as the guy that cheated on his wife with his ex girlfriend.

Jess Mariano


Jess is definitely the one out of the three that I would’ve went for. The guy has great taste in books plus he can keep up with Rory’s constant pop culture references which isn’t an easy task. Sure, he’s a bad boy. But he’s the one of the bunch who ended up in a fairly stable position and Rory messed him over. He left her many times when he should’ve told her how he really felt. Rory ultimately needed a guy that would be there for her – which sadly, wasn’t in Jess’s nature. I think this was a beautiful relationship while it lasted and it’s one that Rory needed to experience. He broke her heart by bailing and she truly loved him.

Logan Huntzberger


Logan is a character that annoyed me a lot in the beginning. However, I do think he really cared about Rory. He couldn’t help what family he belongs to, but he could’ve been more grateful. Instead he was a spoiled white boy who never really had to work at anything and we never really saw him work hard for anything while he was on the show. It was a rather safe choice for her since he came from a nice family and her grandparents worshiped him simply due to his last name. Logan really grew up as his relationship with Rory became more serious. It was wrong of him to blindside her by popping the question at her Yale graduation party her grandparents threw. All in all, he was a fun and different character that was a good match for Rory.

Who Rory ended up with: No one. At the end of the series, Rory turns down Logan’s proposal in order to focus on her career instead of moving away to be with him. It was a fitting decision for her, she was always meant to be a career woman first.

Who she should’ve ended up with: Well, Rory and Logan should’ve ended things long before the proposal. I think she should’ve chose Jess the second she went to visit his bookstore and saw how well he was doing. He had his life in order and Rory should’ve ended up with him somehow. I get why she didn’t end up with him but I still think he was the all around best of the boyfriends.

Best Sex and the City Characters

Sex and the City is a show much loved due to it’s strong central friendship group: four single New York women who are navigating through their mid-30s and 40s together. I felt that it’s only fair for this post to be dedicated to the four main¬†characters listed from worst to best in terms of who I’d want to¬†be friends with. Each woman has their own respective qualities that anyone would love to find in a best friend, but this is a list that’s strictly my personal opinion based on what friends I want to have.

4. Charlotte York


Charlotte is the practical and rather uptight one of the group. Her most positive quality is definitely how optimistic she is about love and her future. She never gives up hope on finding her Prince Charming. As far as a friend goes, constantly looking on the bright side of life while you’re going through breakup after breakup can get annoying. She also can be extremely judgmental at times and a little too on the proper side.

3. Carrie Bradshaw


Sex and the City is Carrie’s story since she narrates it through her columns. She has a fabulous life filled with lots of beautiful shoes and general glamorous life. But Carrie can be selfish and only focus on her problems. She’s there for her friends when they need her but she constantly puts them in awkward positions in her love life then turns around and judges them. She’s a flawed character which is much like women are in real life which is nice and rare to see on TV shows. I just wouldn’t care to have her as a friend.

2. Miranda Hobbes


Miranda is smart and funny but more than that, she’s a great friend to her girls. I found her kind of annoying and whiny in the first few seasons but she eventually evolves into a more likable character. She also gains wisdom and understanding once she becomes a mom. While Charlotte is overly optimistic, Miranda is too pessimistic at times. This attitude is the only reason why she didn’t score the number one spot on this list.

1. Samantha Jones


I’d want to be friends with Samantha the most out of all the SATC girls because who wouldn’t? Samantha is confident, classy, blunt, loyal, and fun. She’s neither too optimistic or too pessimistic, she’s just right. She always has her hilarious Samantha Jonesisms regardless of the topic at hand. Another good quality of hers is that she’ll never judge you. She stands by Carrie’s side when Carrie goes to only her about her affair with a married Mr. Big. She doesn’t gossip about it to the other girls or scold Carrie, instead she offers support and comfort to her friend. Having a friend like Samantha is ideal because she’s fun and a loyal friend.

Christmas Movie Characters

One of the best things about Christmas movies to keep in mind as you watch some holiday favorites with your family is the charming characters. From the smart to the silly, these characters are all different types of heroes in their own personal ways. Charming and endearing, these are some characters that have stuck with me as I’ve watched these Christmas movies growing up. Hopefully you’ll have the same reaction as mine.

Buddy The Elf from Elf


He’s extremely lovable and always happy. He’s love and adoration for Christmas is altogether contagious to say the least. The joy and belief that he has in the holiday is precious and charming. It’s pretty much impossible not to love this character and his spirit.

Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation


He always looks on the bright side, maybe to a fault at times. He does what he can for his family. His antics that he finds himself in are entertaining and never get old no matter how many times you’ve seen this movie. He’s a hilarious dad that would definitely be fun to be around.

Ralphie from A Christmas Story


Let’s be real, Ralphie is a major dork. But he’s a dreamer who knows what he wants, even if what he wants isn’t always the smartest thing for him. He’s just a kid finding his way and it’s endearing to be able to watch him grow up within this movie as he navigates through his life.

The Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas


He’s obviously not meant to be a sweet and lovely character. But after seeing everything that the Grinch had to endure as a young boy, you get an idea of why he acts the way he does. He’s been bullied and knocked down many times in life. But the cool thing about this movie is watching him and his heart grow bigger and bigger. He tries to be a mean evil guy, but at the end of the day he’s just a caring and loving guy that you can’t help but love.

Kevin from Home Alone


Kevin is a little brat at the beginning of this movie. But once he wakes up and his family is gone, he thinks they left him on purpose. This made him appreciate his family more, especially considering the things he had to deal with when home alone. He was brave and faced the robbers head on which is a lot more than I would’ve done if it was me in his shoes. He’s a clever kid who knows that he must protect his house and think on his feet even if he’s scared.

George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life


I’ve already dedicated an entire post to this movie here recently. But any Christmas character list would be incomplete with him missing from it. So basically, George Bailey is the perfect fictional character because he always puts other people before himself. He gave up his chance to see the world in order to remain in his boring little town to run his fathers business. He’s a caring guy who loses some faith in the movie but he always always finds his way in the end.

Fictional Characters Part 1

I love fictional characters. I decided to break down my favorites into the appropriate categories. These will include: cartoon, TV with real people, movies, and books. First up is lessons I’ve learned from my favorite cartoon characters.

Arnold from Hey Arnold!
Arnold taught me how to be a good person in general. I mean I really can’t think of any other characters with a heart as pure as football heads. Like the dude does favors for his weird neighbors and puts up with crazy Helga’s antics. Arnold always sees the best in people and even though I don’t, when I watch Arnold I just get this urge to be a better person.

Chuckie from Rugrats
Okay the obvious choice from Rugrats is Tommy but I just LOVE Chuckie. I learned from him that it’s okay to be scared. Even though he’s afraid of literally everything, he still has the coolest and weirdest friends that accept him for who he is. Despite his issues, he’s a great friend who has such a pure heart. I always liked Chuckie the best because I’m a total pansy and far from a leader but he was the first character to show me that playing it safe isn’t bad.

Ginger from As Told by Ginger
Ginger was always cool because she was an older animated character and Nick didn’t really have shows like that. Ginger dealt with REAL problems. She was basically the animated version of Lizzie McGuire. She taught me that being average is okay. Ginger was just a regular girl who had extremely dorky friends. I was never meant to being popular but I’d never seen any cartoons where being average is actually pretty awesome.

The Powerpuff Girls
This is my only choice that isn’t from Nick but I had to include it. I couldn’t pick just one Powerpuff Girl, even though each girl has a different personality, all three of them have to work together to defeat the bad guys. They taught me that all girls can be BA. Having three different personalities on the show just shows us that being hardcore isn’t just for tomboys or leaders, the blonde little bit ditzy one can fight crime too.

Doug Funnie from Doug
I learned from Doug that all kids deserve a dog like Porkchop. I also learned that writing and having an active imagination is acceptable. This show was so different from any other Nick show. I mean, every character besides Doug was every color of the rainbow: green, blue, orange. Doug taught me that being weird and having a dog for a best friend is it’s own kind of normal.

Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberry’s
I’m not going to lie, I’m not an animal person and I probably never will be. Still, Eliza taught me that I don’t have the weirdest family or life. Eliza had a monkey best friend, an animal boy who was apart of the family, and a dad with an accent that didn’t belong. It can’t get any weirder than that.

Kim Possible from Kim Possible
What didn’t I learn from her? She was basically the coolest animated character ever. Plus she taught me that red heads can save the world and that made me want to be a red head.

Penny Proud from The Proud Family
Penny was perfect. She taught me that it’s okay to like your parents. Most show focus on teens rebeling from their parents the entire series but even though she rebels too, at the end of the episode she knows they care.