Changing Friends

I’ve had a lot of experience with changing friends in my 18 years here on Earth. Some of it was ultimately for the better but it doesn’t make it easier. My hope is that hearing my personal experiences, you’ll find some peace of mind about this whole process. Maybe I’ll find some peace of mind about it too.

It’s always impressed me when I come across people who’ve kept the same friends since they were really young. For me, friends have came in went over the years. My friends I was friends with back in elementary school are no longer my friends mostly due to just going separate ways in life. There was no extreme drama, they just weren’t the right friends for me. One girl I was close friends with in kindergarten, drifted apart a few different times but became close again. We drifted apart in the fifth through the seventh grade. Somehow, we became friends again and were close in the eighth grade. We drifted apart in the ninth grade due to just not having any classes together. She was also on the soccer team and made new friends while I went my own route.

Sometimes, I do miss hanging out with this friend because we shared a lot of good times together. Like I said, it’s something that you just grow to accept as you get older. It’d be nice to have the same friends for life but unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. People grow and change and sometimes they grow in different directions. It just happens and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

This personal story wasn’t all that personal since it wasn’t overly dramatic or anything. But it was something that occurred and something you just have to accept however you can. New friends come around and you’ll learn from them. If you’re able to keep the same friends for your entire life, that’s awesome. I’ve heard some people say that they’ve met their best friends for life at a young age. My mom still keeps in contact with her childhood friends and my brother still has the same group of friends that he’s had since elementary and middle school. Everyone is different so no matter which category you fall into, you just have to accept it.

Why Peter Pan is My Literary Hero


Peter Pan is my literary hero for a number of different reasons. Yes, he’s incredibly immature but he also knows how to have fun. The coolest adventures are led by Peter Pan. The Peter Pan that I’m thinking about is the one that J.M. Barrie created in his book. The Disney character is nice and appeals to younger kids, but I simply prefer the book. I love that the character was created based on J.M. Barrie himself. I think that says a lot about the author’s creativity and active imagination.

Peter Pan refuses to grow up because the act of growing up scares him. He wants to be young forever because growing up and having kids is just unfathomable to Pan. He wants to have adventures, not a family or a wife. Young Wendy likes playing pretend for a little bit, but staying stuck in Neverland forever is not ideal for her. She takes the whole mother to the lost boy thing too far. She loves the idea of being someone’s mother but she loves it even more when Peter Pan is playing father. Though Peter just sees it as a game but doesn’t want it to be his reality.

I think Peter Pan is an accurate representation of what many of us feel. Who REALLY wants to grow up? You get old. You have children. More than that, you have responsibility. It’s hard looking after yourself, let alone another human being. Just playing games and having fun seems much more appealing than growing up. It can be tempting to just lie down and give up. But Neverland sounds like the best place if you’re tired of getting old. If Neverland was real, I’d be there in a heartbeat. I doubt many people wouldn’t want to be there. It’s a form of escape but I do feel like I’d be like Wendy and realize it’s nice for awhile but then you’d just miss your family. And you’d risk growing up in order to be with them. However, I think Peter Pan is definitely my favorite character due to his optimism and joy for the little things in life.

Now and Then

Now and Then

As a kid, I remember watching the movie Now and Then. There’s one scene in particular that I remember clearly. It’s the one where two of the young girls have to get a bracelet that one of them dropped out of the sewer. That scene has always stayed with me for reasons I don’t really know. I remember other aspects of the movie like when the girls summon spirits at the cemetery. I also remember that one of the girls lost her mother and was still grieving over it. I watched the movie for the first time since I was a kid recently and it wasn’t the way I remembered it.

That’s the funny thing about time, sometimes things aren’t how we remembered them to be. Rewatching the movie made me question why I ever liked it in the first place. The movie doesn’t have a well developed plot. I get the sentiment of the movie but it’s rather pointless to have the girls as grownups at all. Much of the movie focuses on them as younger girls and so it doesn’t make sense why they don’t have balance between them as kids and adults. There’s really only two scenes with them in it and all plus Demi Moore narrating some of the movie.

The movie has some positive qualities that I didn’t recognize when I was younger. For example, I never really noticed the music besides the song My Girl since I’d heard that song other places. Now that I’m older, I love pretty much all of the songs. I loved the scene where one of the girls is an adult and singing I’ll Be There as she gets ready. It also fits considering the girls sang along to all of the songs they played when they were younger. I think it was overly cheesy that they recreated several things the four did when they were younger. They could’ve just did the Red Rover scene but instead they also included going back to the treehouse and playing truth or dare.

I think it’s strange how different things can be to us when we’re older. We see things from a new point of view that we hadn’t developed when we were younger. Now, I observe more than I once did. I notice things that go on and am a lot more critical of things. I think I see this movie through a new pair of eyes because I hold higher standards in regard to movies. I’m a bit of a snob and so I found a lot of flaws when I watched this movie again. I think it can be good to have a new point of view and to see things differently than you used to.

Best Of Disney Channel Original Movies

One of the many highlights of growing up in the ’90s-’00s was the amazing Disney Channel Original movies. These are some of the most memorable ones and some classic highlights from them.

Gotta kick it up!

This DCOM focused on Hispanic middle schoolers who came from a variety of different backgrounds and the teacher who helped them by adding a dance team. This movie features a young America Ferrera. This clip shows her audition for the dance team.

Smart House

Ben Cooper enters his family into a contest to win a computerized house. Once they win it, Ben begins to program Pat to help him become a substitute mother for himself and his little sister Angie. Pat soon becomes crazy and overbearing over Nick- Ben’s single father. This particular scene shows Ben and his friends attempting to be cool and dancing along to a song Pat plays.

Johnny Tsunmani

Super gnarly movie about a Hawaiian surfer who is forced to move to Vermont with his family. In Vermont, there are two private schools. One school is for skiers and the other is for snowboarders. Johnny attends the skiers but rebels and learns how to snowboard. This scene is cool mostly because of Jett Jackson (Actually Lee Thompson, R.I.P) and the hat that he gives Johnny. 

Stuck In The Suburbs

Danielle Panabaker and Brenda Song live a normal suburban middle school life until Brittany (Panabaker) accidentally exchanges phones with her pop star crush. Can we just note that the pop star is now in Saturday Night Live? Please keep that in mind as you watch this. 

Cheetah Girls

Who doesn’t love the Cheetah Girls? The music is incredible and so is Raven, This revolves around four best friends who are more like sisters and become united by music but drama constantly threatens to destroy it. This song was where it all began. 

Pixel Perfect

Words cannot describe how much I love this highly underrated DCOM. Phil from Phil Of The Future stars in it as a computer geek. His friend Samantha who writes songs for the band isn’t the best performer, so he creates a computer who is perfect. The only problem is she isn’t real. This is by far the most memorable song from the movie.

High School Musical
This was basically one of the final decent DCOMS of the bunch. There are many memorable moments but my personal favorite it Ryan and Sharpay’s audition.

Camp Rock
Even though she was in Barney, this was Demi Lovato’s big break. The Jonas Brothers are another added plus and the music as a whole is extremely catchy. The natural highlight is “This Is Me.”

Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century
This is Disney Channel at its prime right here. Zenon is a beyond retro girl with an uber cool 21st century life and she also has Raven as her best friend which is a natural win. The highlight of the movie is clearly this catchy song everyone should recognize right away.

This movie about Andy Brink who is a soul skater is definitely one of the most important DCOM movies. It has every epic element plus they make roller skating seriously cool. It was impossible to find just one clip that showcases its greatness so the first one is my personal favorite insult. The second one is long and not really awesome but it shows how evil and unattractive the villain Val is. Team Pup N Suds forever!