Sarah Dessen Books and Teen Love

Sarah Dessen Wallpaper

Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it. Not because her writing is bad or anything, but because it’s young adult romance books and sometimes it can be considered a guilty pleasure to admit that you totally love them. I’m not going to be ashamed to admit my love anymore. What I really want to say in this post is what these books have to say about teen lust and love and just relationships between teens in general.

“This Lullaby” is a book about Remy, a 18-year-old girl who’s father she never knew wrote a one hit wonder song dedicated to her that she still earns some money off of. She doesn’t believe in love due to watching her mom never really find love. Dexter is a musician she meets that has encountered the same experiences with his mom. Unlike Remy, he has the opposite belief and he is a hopeless romantic and his belief in love flips Remy upside down. What this book says about love is that sometimes it happens with your complete opposite. But you have to take the risk and let it just happen.

“The Truth About Forever,” Macy accepts chaos as she lets Wes into her life. This says a lot about just letting things happen. Note a theme? This Lullaby for the most part had the same theme. Most of the books have a main character who is either really serious, perfect, rejected, and some other similar characteristics. She’s the type of girl who needs reminded of her childlike qualities and being able to truly experience fun. “Along For The Ride” is about Auden, yet another girl who is serious about her studies and not much else. Her mom is a college professor and her dad is a writer. They split up when she was fairly young. In general, Auden was forced to mature at a young age. She never experienced a childhood and instead turned to focusing on her studies and being the best in her class. She spends the summer at the beach with her dad, his new wife, and their new baby daughter. Auden meets Eli who shows her another side to life, a fun side and with him, she experiences her childhood for the first time.

Sarah Dessen’s books are so special to me because they show a whole different side of teen romance. It’s definitely one I’ve personally never experienced. But I love how it takes me to a different place whenever I read them and it gives me a chance to dream. The books may not prepare you for the real world of teen dating, but they give you a chance to get away from reality for a little while. If you haven’t read any books by Sarah Dessen, you should definitely give it a chance.

The Transformation of Taylor Swift

At the young age of 16, Taylor Swift released a country debut album that put her on the map. She sang relatable songs that she wrote herself based on relationships, friendships, and the everyday high school life. Her lyrics were honest, angry, and full of angst. Her image wasn’t as angsty- she dressed in cute and bright colors with her trademark curly blonde hair. She played the guitar and openly embraced who she was. She continued to release albums that spoke to teen girls going through similar problems. Her songs weren’t always catchy pop songs, though many such as, “Love Story” “You Belong With Me” and “Our Song” were. It was the more personal and acoustic songs that appealed to listeners, “Fifteen” “White Horse” “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops On My Guitar” told beautiful stories and were more country than anything else.

Taylor Swift began experimenting with other genres long before “1989.” “Teardrops On My Guitar” on the first album had its own pop single made just for radio. On her second album “Fearless,” “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” were the two pop hits. Her third album, “Speak Now” was filled with more and more pop radio friendly songs. “Mine” and “Back To December” were two of the songs that was played on pop radio. Her other single “Mean” echoed with more of a country vibe than a pop one. “Red” was filled with more mature lyrics and even more pop songs which led to her first fully pop album, “1989.”

I’ve talked a lot about the change within her music, but her image and fashion in general has also evolved rather dramatically. One of the most notable being her view about feminism. This article

T Swift


Here are two early Swift classy and modest fashion choices. Both also feature her signature curly hair.


This one isn’t all that different from the first two. It was taken in 2010 during her Speak Now tour. I love her cowboy boots.


Two years after her Speak Now tour, Swift transformed while on her Red tour. This was the first time she ditched the curls and she’s embraced straight hair. Besides the obvious red lipstick and pretty much everything red, Swift also frequently wore high waist shorts. She also rocked the Stevie Nicks hat.


Here’s Swift earlier this year with her chic hair, the usual red lipstick, and classy vintage outfit.

Taylor Swift goes to florists and pottery shops in New York City

I love this outfit because of the vintage hair. I’m also obsessed with her hair piece. She also looks stunning in this dress and her purse is simple yet brings her outfit together.


This is my favorite Swift outfit- besides the weird trimming on the mint outfit. The trimming feels out of place. But I do believe that this is a classy outfit that works for her. It’s vintage and the bangs always work for T Swift.

I think that these pictures give some idea as to the change that has happened with Taylor. People give her a lot of flack for changing her music, lyrics, and her image in general but people need to realize that she’s 25 years old. Since she is that age, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be writing songs meant for a younger audience. She has respect for her young fans but she’s also changing so why not represent that in her music?



Spotlight On: Lindsay Weir

Spotlight On is a monthly featureish thing that I’m starting this month where I take a look at one particular character and explore how they go with the theme. This character is always going to be fictional and from books, movies, or TV shows. This month focuses on Lindsay Weir from the cult classic 90’s teen drama Freaks and Geeks.


Although the series didn’t air until the ’90’s, it takes place in the 1980’s. The main character Lindsay starts out the series as a smart good girl who’s a member of the mathletes. After the death of her grandma, she begins to question everything. She begins to drift away from her childhood best friend Millie. She begins hanging out with the freaks at her high school after being invited by bad boy Daniel Desario. Throughout the series, Lindsay frequently struggles with becoming a freak and doing things that aren’t typical of her.

Lindsay is a classic example of what happens to high schoolers. Everyone in high school is trying to discover who they are. Teens are evolving and experimenting, some of which are more dramatic than others. Lindsay happens to be one that goes through dramatic changes as she gets closer to the likes of Daniel, Kim Kelly, Nick, and the other members of the gang. Throwing parties, vandalism, marijuana, bars, detention, and many other adventures that Lindsay takes part in. She begins a relationship with Nick, a guy who desperately wants to become a drummer but knows in his heart that he’s not good enough to be a serious professional.

Despite all of her change, Lindsay is still the same deep down. Sure, she’s changed what’s important to her but she still knows who she is, that’s one thing that never changes. She grows more confident and sure of herself during the season. Her change may not be permanent, but it’s one that she is content with. She enters a rebellion period but her fashion definitely evolves for the better. The army jacket she stole from her dads closet becomes her trademark that she wears all the time. Lindsay Weir is a character that most represents change which is fitting for my monthly theme.

The Significant Differences Between High School and College

I didn’t feel all that different after I started my first semester of college. Part of that was due to the fact that I live off campus. The other part was that I didn’t really make that many friends. However, the change that happened within myself and how I have started to approach things has been significant. In high school, it mattered who your friends were but in college, for the most part people seem to do their own thing. For example, if you go to the library in college, it’s quiet with everyone working in their own spaces. This may seem obvious but at my high school, it was more of a hangout where you could do whatever you wanted. This was my introduction to the fact that college is taken a lot more serious. It’s the real deal and getting good grades is more significant since you’re paying for your education so you don’t want to let down whoever is paying your tuition down.

Another big difference that I personally found is that the food is indeed better. You have more options even though I mostly eat at the same spots pretty much everyday or so. But in high school, you got what you got and even the best meal in high school isn’t as good as the worst meal in college. This may seem harsh but the differences are certainly there in terms of food.

High school was much more strict in terms of being released from class. It was amazing to me that professors often let us out five to fifteen or twenty minutes early. Sometimes the classes are scheduled much longer than what the lesson plan calls for and the professor doesn’t want to start something new so they just let us out early. When taking a test or final, you don’t have to wait until everyone has finished. Once you finish yours, you can go. This was rather mind blowing to me when I first started college and it’s a nice thing to have. Teachers weren’t allowed to let you out early in high school without getting in trouble. They also handed out pointless busy work after tests instead of letting us go.

These are just a few changes that I’ve noticed between high school and college. I’m sure there’s many more to come since I’ve only just finished my first semester. I look forward to this next semester which is something I rarely (never) did in high school. For high school students ready to give up completely, hang in there and wait for the light at the end of the tunnel.