Guide to Crushes

This is a tentative guide to having crushes. Having a crush is such a devastating and overwhelming feeling. What are you supposed to do when you have a crush on someone that you’re not likely to end up with? What I mean is, the person we have our first crush on is typically unattainable. Maybe I’m just speaking from my own experiences here but that’s what I’ve found to be true. These are some tips on how to deal with having a crush on whoever it might be. Take what you will from this “guide.”

1. Don’t be ashamed of it.

Let’s just say you have a crush on your older brother’s best friend. (Again, this is just what I’ve felt.) Don’t be embarrassed because it’s okay to have a crush on someone, even if you really can’t be with them. But don’t be like me and announce it everywhere you go. Take from it what you will and maybe even doodle in your notebook or something. You don’t have to tell everyone you know.

2. Don’t borderline stalk the kid.

Stalking isn’t a good method of getting this kid’s attention. You’ll just end up scaring him off and rightfully so. He’ll likely be flattered that you like him but don’t expect him to be your Knight in Shining Armor.

3. Crushes are supposed to suck.

Crushes are your first experience with really liking someone. It’s unlikely that it’ll develop into something more. If it does, then you are much luckier than I am. Don’t be devastated if it doesn’t work out for you. There will be other guys that you will feel the same way and even deeper feeling that they will return and that’ll be some of the best experiences of your life. It can only go up from having this crush.

4. Move on

Some crushes last a REALLY long time. Sometimes it really hurts not to be able to tell the other person how you feel. But sometimes we just can’t tell them for whatever reason. I think the best way to get over that is to move on and notice someone else that is willing to be with you and give you a really nice relationship. A lot of the time, crushes are going to hurt. I know that I’ve said that over and over again but I can’t say it enough. I just think that’s really important to keep in mind.


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