Valentine’s Day Date Outfits

If you have a date this Valentine’s Day, it’s important to have a nice outfit. Maybe you probably should already have an outfit picked out, but these are some suggestions just in case you have a date in the next couple of days that you haven’t planned out an outfit for.

ASOS Dress

This dress is a little too expensive for me. The free shipping is definitely a big plus though. This is a simple yet classy dress that is bound to impress any potential date.

Forever 21 Dress

This is a nice and reasonably cheap dress. It’s simple yet elegant and I love this. I think it’s perfect to wear on a date because it isn’t too much but it’s just enough.

Red Elegant Dress

These next two are also from Forever 21. This one is stunning because of the color and the general design. It’s really simple but it’s a killer as well. It’ll look incredible with accessories: a necklace, bracelet, hair piece, scarf, etc. Adding a little bit more color will add to this stunning red dress. I think the price is impressive too.


A diamond dress from Forever 21. This one might seem to make too much of a statement. However, I really enjoy the design. It’s a generally unique dress that is bound to stand out.

I had a dress from Charlotte Russe all picked out but it was sadly sold out. So I’m just going to stick with these picks for now.


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