Movies About Love Gone Wrong

Sometimes we encounter love that isn’t supposed to happen. These movies explore all types of falling for the wrong person.

American Beauty

American Beauty is about a man in his mid-40’s who has a teen daughter and a fake mean wife who drives him crazy. He narrates us through his average day to day life and tells us when it takes a major change. He becomes obsessed with his daughter’s friend Angela. This obsession is what gains him some serious enemies along the way. The best thing about this movie is just how complicated and lovely everything is.

Match Point


Chris is a retired tennis player who begins teaching lessons. Tom is a guy that he instructs and begins hanging out with. Chris begins dating Tom’s sister but maintains physically attracted to Tom’s fiancé Nola. The two begin a forbidden affair which leads to an epic and tragic story.

Ghost World


Enid is fresh out of high school. She’s basically not a very nice person and her and her best friend Rebecca prank and are mean to people for fun. One of their victims is Seymour, a loser older guy who sells vinyl records. She begins a gross and strange relationship that’s just two lonely people trying to feel a little less lonely.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


The love stories featured in this movie are so wrong and consuming that each person had to erase the person they love from their memory completely. That choice has some serious consequences and this movie is one that you just have to watch for yourself.

Lost In Translation


This is another movie that’s just two lonely people trying to find some happiness. Both of them are pretty unsatisfied with their lives, but they find an escape out on the streets of Tokyo. The love between the two is wrong but the fun times they experience is one you need to see.



This movie is about music bringing people together. And it’s also about finding that one person that you really find yourself whenever you’re near them. I can’t really explain how good the movie is or what exactly it is that makes it good, it just is what it is. The two stars have undeniable chemistry and both are musicians in real life, not actors which makes the performance all that more meaningful to me personally.


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