How To: Distinguishing Between Love and Lust

Being able to know the difference between lust and love is especially tricky sometimes. There’s always those cases where lust is disguised as love. What I mean by that is you get the impression that it’s love and the other person may play along but in the end, they are after one thing and that isn’t love. It can be devastating when something like that happens. It’s even worse when you don’t see it coming so it’s best to just prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. I could be off base completely, but based on what I’ve personally dealt with, here’s some methods to determining when it’s lust and when it’s love.


  • Constantly complements you.

I guess it’s possible that if he’s truly interested and leaning on the love end of things, he does this as well. But when it’s lust, it’s like the complements are absolutely complement. When in love, you can actually talk about things and being content with just asking how your day is but with lust that’s typically not the case.

  • The guy never seems content with just talking to you.

Like I alluded to in the last response, talking is important. It can say a lot if the guy isn’t willing to actually have meaningless conversation with you.

  • You go days without talking

You don’t have to talk every second but it’s just weird when these guys magically disappear for days on end.


  • They don’t care what you do, they just want to spend time with you.
  • They take you out in public during the daytime.
  • Willing to pay for you.
  • Don’t expect anything from you in return.
  • Never pressure you or want to talk about sex all the time.
  • Will send you random messages throughout the day.
  • Respectful and interested in you as a human being.

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