Changing Friends

I’ve had a lot of experience with changing friends in my 18 years here on Earth. Some of it was ultimately for the better but it doesn’t make it easier. My hope is that hearing my personal experiences, you’ll find some peace of mind about this whole process. Maybe I’ll find some peace of mind about it too.

It’s always impressed me when I come across people who’ve kept the same friends since they were really young. For me, friends have came in went over the years. My friends I was friends with back in elementary school are no longer my friends mostly due to just going separate ways in life. There was no extreme drama, they just weren’t the right friends for me. One girl I was close friends with in kindergarten, drifted apart a few different times but became close again. We drifted apart in the fifth through the seventh grade. Somehow, we became friends again and were close in the eighth grade. We drifted apart in the ninth grade due to just not having any classes together. She was also on the soccer team and made new friends while I went my own route.

Sometimes, I do miss hanging out with this friend because we shared a lot of good times together. Like I said, it’s something that you just grow to accept as you get older. It’d be nice to have the same friends for life but unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. People grow and change and sometimes they grow in different directions. It just happens and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

This personal story wasn’t all that personal since it wasn’t overly dramatic or anything. But it was something that occurred and something you just have to accept however you can. New friends come around and you’ll learn from them. If you’re able to keep the same friends for your entire life, that’s awesome. I’ve heard some people say that they’ve met their best friends for life at a young age. My mom still keeps in contact with her childhood friends and my brother still has the same group of friends that he’s had since elementary and middle school. Everyone is different so no matter which category you fall into, you just have to accept it.

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