Positive and Negative Sides to Moving

Moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone can be scary no matter how old you are. I’m going to weigh all of the positive and negative sides to it that I can come up with.


1. A new start

This can be viewed as both negative and positive, especially if you’re younger. But sometimes getting a new start and getting away from your old mistakes and experiences can be good.

2. Meeting new people

This might take awhile and it may not be easy but it can be nice. The process might seem to last a lifetime but it won’t last that long. You’ll find your way and you’re bound to find at least one and likely more people in this new place.

3. A new house

Living in a new house can take a long time to adjust to. You might live in one place your whole life and it can be hard to say goodbye to that. But a new house where you can find a new place to call your home can have it’s positive sides if you consider them.

4. Closer to reaching your dreams

Maybe this was a move that you didn’t choose yourself so let’s pretend that it was. People often move, when they get a little bit older and want to find their way, to a new place so they can achieve their dreams. This can be rewarding once you get there.


1. Not knowing anyone

This is an obvious setback to anyone. It can be intimidating not knowing anyone and being in a new place. It’s rough to put yourself out there and make new friends.

2. Starting a new school

Whether it’s law school like my brother had to do, college, grad school, high school, etc. a new school can be scary. It’s weird and not easy to get used to but it’s definitely possible.

3. You’ll miss your friends and family

Missing your friends and family can be extremely difficult to handle. You long for hanging out and spending time with your friends and family. That never really goes away completely but you do become busier so you become distracted.

4. Drifting away from friends and family

This is worse than just missing them. It’s like they are more absent and that can really hurt, especially if you haven’t completely found your footing in the new place. Everything will work out in the end so keep doing the best that you can with the place that you’re in.


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