Why Peter Pan is My Literary Hero


Peter Pan is my literary hero for a number of different reasons. Yes, he’s incredibly immature but he also knows how to have fun. The coolest adventures are led by Peter Pan. The Peter Pan that I’m thinking about is the one that J.M. Barrie created in his book. The Disney character is nice and appeals to younger kids, but I simply prefer the book. I love that the character was created based on J.M. Barrie himself. I think that says a lot about the author’s creativity and active imagination.

Peter Pan refuses to grow up because the act of growing up scares him. He wants to be young forever because growing up and having kids is just unfathomable to Pan. He wants to have adventures, not a family or a wife. Young Wendy likes playing pretend for a little bit, but staying stuck in Neverland forever is not ideal for her. She takes the whole mother to the lost boy thing too far. She loves the idea of being someone’s mother but she loves it even more when Peter Pan is playing father. Though Peter just sees it as a game but doesn’t want it to be his reality.

I think Peter Pan is an accurate representation of what many of us feel. Who REALLY wants to grow up? You get old. You have children. More than that, you have responsibility. It’s hard looking after yourself, let alone another human being. Just playing games and having fun seems much more appealing than growing up. It can be tempting to just lie down and give up. But Neverland sounds like the best place if you’re tired of getting old. If Neverland was real, I’d be there in a heartbeat. I doubt many people wouldn’t want to be there. It’s a form of escape but I do feel like I’d be like Wendy and realize it’s nice for awhile but then you’d just miss your family. And you’d risk growing up in order to be with them. However, I think Peter Pan is definitely my favorite character due to his optimism and joy for the little things in life.

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