I Just Want My Mommy

All of our lives, we desperately dream about the day we get to move out of our parents house. We feel so trapped when we’re young and feel as if we’ll be there for the rest of our lives. Somehow, we make it out, and as soon as that happens, we want back in. Being on your own is very seldom glamorous. Of course, don’t take my word for it since I’ve lived with my parents all of my 18 years here on Earth. I’ve dreamed of gaining that independency and moving out with few visits back home. Thing haven’t gone according to plan in that regard for several different boring reasons that really aren’t relevant. I know a little bit about this through my older brother, who always dreamed of being on his own but now he just finds it lonely.

How do we get past the loneliness of our newfound independency and into the awesome part? A major factor is time and adjusting to the new place that you’re living in. My brother moved about six hours away from us and down to North Carolina versus our hometown. My brother didn’t know anyone and found an apartment just a few weeks before he moved down there for law school. He lives in his apartment alone and living alone is my brothers worst nightmare. While I prefer the quiet, my brother desires the company of at least one or two people, often his whole group of friends.

Living on your own is difficult especially when you’ve lived with your parents your whole life. It can be hard to just wake up in a new place and find a new routine where you had your safe and consistent routine at the house or houses you grew up in. I think that everyone living by themselves, especially an extremely long ways from home is bound to feel intense loneliness. It’s bound to pass once you become accustomed, possibly even enjoy having a space where you can just enjoy yourself and have alone time. You’ll set your own routine and the loneliness that seemed like it would never disappear, simply evaporated one day. It becomes less of a big deal. Embrace your independence. Your mom may not be there with you to hold your hand but you’re strong enough to face the world head on and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.


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