Drifting Away From Friends and Lovers

I don’t have that much advice for people who are dealing with drifting apart from friends and significant others. It’s something that really sucks because sometimes you can feel it happening but you can’t control it. You can’t stop yourself or them from changing, it just happens sometimes which can be difficult to understand and accept. The truth is, we just have to deal with it the best way we can. I know that’s vague and pretty awful advice but it’s the best I can come up with for the most part. I think it just varies person to person and also depending on how you deal and accept things in your life. If your more of the quiet friend who goes along with everything, it can be hard to recover once that happens with someone you’re close with.

As cliché as it may be, you’ll find other friends and lovers in your life. Once one leaves, another one is sure to come along somewhere down the line. I think it’s best to let yourself get over it and not jump into something right after. Obviously, this only applies in terms of relationships, but don’t form friendships just to spite the friend that you lost. Everything in life is a process and it’s up to us how to go about things, how long it should take to recover, etc. These are rather basic tips for you but I think it can be nice to be reminded. Sometimes I also get caught up in everything going on that I don’t stop and think about these things when something like that happens to me.

I think that we can all can feel when we start to drift away from people we care about. If it’s a friend, they won’t just text you and ask to hangout, they might seem distant or uninterested when you hangout, and some other smaller signs. In a relationship, the signs are pretty much along the same lines: they don’t text you as much, seem distant, uninterested, and it seems like they just don’t like spending time with you like they used to. Additionally: they are no longer sending you sweet text messages or calling you baby or whatever else they normally do. If this starts to happen I don’t think you should freak out. Yes, it’s an upsetting scenario but it’s also something that just happens. I know I’ve repeated this a lot but there’s really no other way to phrase it. I think it is what it is and we just have to roll with the punches and accept the way things turn out.

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