Band of the Month: Arctic Monkeys

From the beginning, the Arctic Monkeys make music with the roots of their hometown of Sheffield, England. Alex Turner, the lead singer has a heavy Sheffield accent along with his signature vocal tone. Nobody sounds like Alex Turner. The music is similar to many other groups but the distinct voice of Alex Turner can’t be replicated. The band started out as a small group that was simply just making some music together. After five hit albums, they have changed more and more with every release.

There’s been a lot of changes within the group since they first formed in 2003. They’ve changed both sound and lyrics with every album. For instance, the first album revolved around heavy indie rock underground vibes and the lyrics were dedicated to the London night life. The second album, “My Favourite Worst Nightmare” was a little less rock and party like, it had a few slower jams that were nostalgic. The third album was the frequently favorite among AM fans, “Humbug.” This album isn’t too different from the first two, just with some stronger lyrics and musical elements. “Suck It and See” was the bands fourth album. This album is the most upbeat and pop influenced album. The lyrics are lighthearted and fun and clearly meant for the summer.

The fifth album is a different animal entirely. “AM” is like a new side of the band entirely. This album is influenced upon mostly R&B and hip-hop but it also includes some pop side to it as well. The beats showcased throughout this album is catchier and edgier than anything else the band has released. Partly, it’s obvious this is the point in the bands career that they’ve started to make an effort to appeal to the masses. They have a large fan base now and they want to not only keep them happy, but get others on board with their music as well.

Beyond the music, the image side of the band has developed tremendously. Alex Turner started out as just an average looking guy with shaggy hair.


Please also note the clothes that all of the guys are wearing. All of them just looks like they are wearing clothing that any guy on the street wears. For the most part, this image helped them be viewed as the common man, someone to relate to.


Here’s the transformation that went down about the same time AM was released. Alex’s slick backed James Dean like hair is leading man material to say the least. They look like the same people except more polished and more like stars. They aren’t just four guys making music in a garage anymore, they are working in some of the biggest studios in the world and they have developed accordingly. These changes are what makes the Arctic Monkeys who they are.

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