What to Do When A Friend Changes

People change, it’s a fact of life I’m sure you don’t need me to preach to you. It can be hard to watch a friend change in a negative way. It doesn’t always have to be due to a relationship they are in, although that typically feels like the case. Sometimes people just evolve and see themselves differently, therefore how they see you changes. It has nothing to do with you, this person is just changing and they will still remain in your life if they are a true friend. It’s hard to accept it no matter how old you are. Sometimes, letting go of friends is just a fact of life.

There’s different ways of dealing with this situation and knowing which one to go about really depends on why your friend is changing. If it’s due to a new relationship, it’s best not to mention it initially. It’ll just create drama although I don’t recommend you to act like you are completely okay with this relationship to your friends face. It’s best to just be supportive, but if their significant other is with your friend all the time then gently bring up to your friend that you miss them and wish you could spend more time with each other. It’s best to avoid trash talking or saying anything that your friend might misinterpret as something against their boyfriend. This might seem like common sense, but sometimes you may not intentionally do it, but you’re friend might take it that way so it’s most effective to say positive things about him.

If you notice a dramatic change within your friend, don’t panic. It’s best to handle the situation as calmly and friendly as possible. Like I said, if the friendship is extremely important, then a relationship won’t ruin that. The friendships that end due to change either relationship related or something else, were the ones that didn’t matter anyway. It sucks to lose a friend but sometimes you end up becoming a better person because of it. Some of my best friendships have happened after losing other friends. Things have a way of working out for the better which is something to keep in mind.

One thought on “What to Do When A Friend Changes

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    I’m glad that you wrote this because I feel like as sad as it is it might be something my “best” friend might be going through

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