Celebrities with Humble Beginnings

It’s easy to look at celebrities and think they had it made. Seldom do we consider that some of them come from small towns just like us. We may look at them and be inspired but it’s important to go after your dreams the way these celebrities did.

Ashton Kutcher

This pretty boy came from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Both of his parents are factory workers & the town has less than 1,000 people. Kutcher even worked in the General Mills cereal department. He had to work to get where he is today and it’s admirable that he made it out of his small town.

Josh Hutcherson

This teen heartthrob wasn’t born into fame. He grew up in Union, Kentucky which has an area of only 3.2 square miles. Fortunately, his parents saw his passions and they moved to California to make their son’s dream a reality. The rest of the story is history.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw, wasn’t always a flawless NYC fashionista like her character. SJP actually grew up in the small town of Nelsonville, Ohio. Parker was involved in the arts from an early aged and was a local ballerina.

Julia Roberts

Has anyone ever heard of Smyrna, Georgia? I definitely haven’t, but this is the small town where Roberts got her start. It’s a refreshing reminder that even those we perceive as glamorous, we believe they’ve always been that way. This famous actress is a refreshing reminder of that not applying in this situation.


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