10 Reasons Why I Love Sky Ferreira

1. She always has unique and edgy clothes that make her stand out.

2. Her appearance on this Brazilian late night TV show. She handled that awkward question a lot better than I would have.

3. She takes accountability for her actions.
The song “I Blame Myself” sums up Sky’s time in the spotlight completely. She knows that she’s been signed to a record company since she was a young girl and she’s no Britney Spears. Her debut record was put on hold repeatedly and then her arrest for cocaine pushed it back further. What makes Sky different from her peers is that she doesn’t play victim. She’s old enough to know that she was wrong and that’s admirable.

4. The song “Everything Is Embarrassing”
“Everything and nothing always haunts me” starts the open line of Sky’s most popular song. She didn’t write the song, Blood Orange did. However, the way she delivers it has such passion. It’s a beautiful song and I love the video. http://youtu.be/rEamE0MYPkg

5. Her interviews are so real
She tells it like it is. She doesn’t try to hide who she is which is something to admire. I love the last thing she says here.

6. She’s a fangirl.
In this Rookie interview, Sky obviously talks about her music and the stories behind her songs. She also fangirls over some of the movies and TV shows she loves. I love that she watches Toddlers & Tiaras, Weird Science, The Secret Life Of Alex Mack, & how she casually adds in the awesome tumblr Feminist Ryan Gosling.

7. She supports peace.
She posted a picture on Instagram of a Support Ferguson, Support Peace shirt. She said that she wanted to perform at a show with Cat Power to show support but her contract obligated her to another show. Regardless, it’s awesome that Sky stands up for causes that she believes in.

8. She isn’t a diva
She truly cares about her fans. Sure, she may not reach out to them in a Taylor Swift manner but she still is sincerely thankful that they support her.

9. Sky makes her own decisions.
She’s not afraid to say what she wants about her experiences with record labels or what have you. She’s very open about her experiences.

10. Her music isn’t your average pop music.
I love that her music isn’t traditional. It has this vintage pop feel to it. It’s something different which is why Sky isn’t exactly mainstream. But she doesn’t have to be, her fans love her and her music regardless.

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