Fictional Characters-Part Two

Part Two of my favorite fictional characters is lessons non-animated TV show characters have taught me. I obviously watch a lot of TV but I won’t go on overload. Although, I will attempt to include TV shows I watched growing up and shows I’ve recently watched.

1. Lizzie McGuire
Lizzie taught me everything from being a good sister to how to sneak onto the set of a music video. Lizzie went through some traumatic things like evil Kate attempting to kill her because Lizzie was better at rhythmic gymnastics to buying her first bra. Lizzie was the wise older sister little girls desperately wanted.

2. Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven
Raven taught me how to use humor no matter what. She also taught me that there’s always a way out of any situation. Homegirl gets into A LOT of sticky situations, but she always finds a way out. Plus she has visions and casually says “Oh Snap!” which will forever be the coolest phrase.

3. Louis Stevens from Even Stevens
First of all, it’s Shia LaBeouf in his prime. Louis taught me that sometimes being a good sibling sometimes means being a total pesk to your siblings. Sure, Louis is a crazy annoying little brother, but at the end of the day Ren and Donnie always forgive him for his antics. Louis also taught me that girl screams never stop being funny. If you don’t remember what I’m talking about, YouTube it.

4. Carly from iCarly
Who knew Drake and Josh’s little sister would have such an awesome show? Carly taught me that you can be a kid without being immature. Carly is beyond mature, she kinda has to be since Spencer is her legal guardian. Yet, she still manages to have a good sense of humor which makes her videos so successful.

5. Drake from Drake and Josh
Yes he’s immature and a total slacker but Drake taught me lessons too. He taught me that we can find friendship from unlikely people. Drake doesn’t warm up to Josh easily and I don’t really blame him, I mean the dude is just super touchy-feely and so emotional. Drake manages to see his heart and they end up having a hilariously awkward bromance.

6. Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World
All of the characters on Boy Meets World taught me hundreds of lessons yet Cory is mentioned because he is the center. He taught me how to be a good student, friend, brother, child, significant other, and human being. He has his moments but he always manages to do the right thing. Most of all, what I learned from Cory is that you have to ask others for help from time to time. Asking doesn’t make you weak, it just helps you make it through the world.

7. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family
How can you not love Phil? Okay, sometimes you can’t help but feel sorry for him. He’s so awkward and tries so hard for his father in law to like him but he’s so relatable. He taught me that sometimes we’re caught in awkward situations but we learn to laugh at ourselves.

8. Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill
Peyton had the most dramatic life. After her mother died of a car accident, she found out she wasn’t her biological mother. After that, she met her real mother who was dying of cancer. On top of all that, her father was in the military. Instead of breaking down, she channels her angst into her art and music. Peyton taught me that music CAN save us. Music gave her something to believe in when she had nothing. She taught me that if you are passionate about something, you have the ability to change yourself and even the world in the process.

9. Christina Braverman from Parenthood
Okay I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like her at first. The first season, she thought that Hattie was the most perfect child in the world and that Hattie’s cousin Amber was always wrong. Christina became my favorite the third season when Hattie was out of the picture. Christina dealt with breast cancer but she didn’t let that stop her. She still managed to be a great mom to a toddler and her son with Asberger’s. Christina has such a great heart that you can’t help but love her.

10. Cassie Ainsworth from Skins
Cassie is seriously messed up. She has an eating disorder and she’s not all there. Despite all this, I learned from her that what you say doesn’t matter as much as how you say it. Cassie says the meanest things but says it in the sweetest way. Her behavior is dysfunctional but despite all of that, it taught me that tone is everything.

11. Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy
This was so hard to pick. Both Mer and Christina have taught me so many lessons but I had to go with Christina since too many on this list are sweet. Christina is BA. She knows who she is and she doesn’t shy away from it. She believes in her work and maybe being a workaholic isn’t for everyone, but it’s who she is.

12. Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights
I know a lot of people think she’s a total brat but I love her. Julie makes her fair share of horrible decisions but at the end of the day, she refuses to change her ways. She never stops believing in her reading and in her taste in music. She stands up for what he believes in and above all, she supports her family.

13. Seth Cohen from The OC
Seth is a total nerd but he makes it acceptable. He loves comics and he says some of the weirdest things ever. Somehow, he ends up getting the girl he’s been in love with since grade school yet he never changes who he is. He still blasts Death Cab and talks to inanimate objects.

14. Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars
Okay this may not be the best choice but she’s perfect. She’s an old soul and okay goes after guys a little too old but she’s different. She has the best taste in music and fashion. She’s also a great friend and if one of her friends need her, she’s instantly there for them without asking any questions.

15. Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf
Stiles makes awkward cool. He’s a total dork but he’s the comedic relief on Teen Wolf. When all the drama goes down with Scott and his wolf pack, he’s by Scott’s side having panic attacks and manages to stay human.

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