Fictional Characters Part 1

I love fictional characters. I decided to break down my favorites into the appropriate categories. These will include: cartoon, TV with real people, movies, and books. First up is lessons I’ve learned from my favorite cartoon characters.

Arnold from Hey Arnold!
Arnold taught me how to be a good person in general. I mean I really can’t think of any other characters with a heart as pure as football heads. Like the dude does favors for his weird neighbors and puts up with crazy Helga’s antics. Arnold always sees the best in people and even though I don’t, when I watch Arnold I just get this urge to be a better person.

Chuckie from Rugrats
Okay the obvious choice from Rugrats is Tommy but I just LOVE Chuckie. I learned from him that it’s okay to be scared. Even though he’s afraid of literally everything, he still has the coolest and weirdest friends that accept him for who he is. Despite his issues, he’s a great friend who has such a pure heart. I always liked Chuckie the best because I’m a total pansy and far from a leader but he was the first character to show me that playing it safe isn’t bad.

Ginger from As Told by Ginger
Ginger was always cool because she was an older animated character and Nick didn’t really have shows like that. Ginger dealt with REAL problems. She was basically the animated version of Lizzie McGuire. She taught me that being average is okay. Ginger was just a regular girl who had extremely dorky friends. I was never meant to being popular but I’d never seen any cartoons where being average is actually pretty awesome.

The Powerpuff Girls
This is my only choice that isn’t from Nick but I had to include it. I couldn’t pick just one Powerpuff Girl, even though each girl has a different personality, all three of them have to work together to defeat the bad guys. They taught me that all girls can be BA. Having three different personalities on the show just shows us that being hardcore isn’t just for tomboys or leaders, the blonde little bit ditzy one can fight crime too.

Doug Funnie from Doug
I learned from Doug that all kids deserve a dog like Porkchop. I also learned that writing and having an active imagination is acceptable. This show was so different from any other Nick show. I mean, every character besides Doug was every color of the rainbow: green, blue, orange. Doug taught me that being weird and having a dog for a best friend is it’s own kind of normal.

Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberry’s
I’m not going to lie, I’m not an animal person and I probably never will be. Still, Eliza taught me that I don’t have the weirdest family or life. Eliza had a monkey best friend, an animal boy who was apart of the family, and a dad with an accent that didn’t belong. It can’t get any weirder than that.

Kim Possible from Kim Possible
What didn’t I learn from her? She was basically the coolest animated character ever. Plus she taught me that red heads can save the world and that made me want to be a red head.

Penny Proud from The Proud Family
Penny was perfect. She taught me that it’s okay to like your parents. Most show focus on teens rebeling from their parents the entire series but even though she rebels too, at the end of the episode she knows they care.

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